About myself

Hello !

I am Adrien Coffinet, an astrophysicist currently working as an “assistant doctorant” (Ph.D. student) at the Observatory of geneva (part of the University of Geneva). Especially, my work deals with exoplanets, i.e. planets in other systems than the Solar System.

For more details about my jobs, internships and projects, please look here. For my schools, please look here.

I have always liked astronomy a lot, and I have been in astronomy clubs for a long time, includngly I was the president of the Astronomy Club of  Grenoble INP for more than one year (mail address to contact the club : clubastro.inpg@gmail.com ).

I also like photo and many other things ; for more details about the club to which I belong, please watch here.

To contact me, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail : adrien.coffinet@gmail.com.

Just for information, I can speak French (mother tongue), English, Spanish (these two with a good level) and Japanese (with an intermediate level) (and also Latin but I don’t think that many people will talk to me in this language 😉 !).


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