My schools

Here are presented the different schools where I have studied, from my baccalauréat (High school diploma) until the beginning of my Ph.D. (see here for jobs, internships and projects).

2010 – 2013: Grenoble INP – Phelma (Grenoble, France) :

I am since September 2010 in the “Superior National School of Physics, Electronics and Materials” of the Grenoble Institute of Technology, one of the biggest engineering school in France and in Europe. So, it is the second year I have been studying here. Currently, I am studying Physics and NanoSciences (PNS). Next year, I would like to do the “Astrophysics, Plasmas, Planets” (APP) programme (common lessons with other cursuses at the top of this page, see at the bottom for lessons specific to the APP programme). Actually, I want to become a researcher in the astronomic field, and especially in the research related to exoplanets, this is why I want to get this cursus. Moreover, I keep studying English as a first foreign language, and Japanese as a second foreign language.

2008-2010 : Jacques Amyot High School (Melun, France) :

Before entering Phelma, I studied during two years in Jacques Amyot High School, a “Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Écoles” (CPGE) , that is to say a two-year preparatory school for the competitive entrance exam at a French engineering school. In this CPGE, I studied especially Maths and Physics (MPSI [Maths, Physics and Engineer Sciences] in first year and MP [Maths and Physics] in second year), but also French literature/philosophy, and English and Spanish as foreign languages (I could not continue Japanese, started three years before, since there was not this option).

2005-2008 : Jules Ferry High School (Coulommiers, France) :

Before entering Jacques Amyot CPGE, I studied during three year at Jules Ferry High School. In this school, I passed my scientific “baccalauréat” (High school diploma), major in Mathematics. This is here I started studying Japanese as a third foreign language, while continuing English and Spanish respectively as first and second foreign languages.


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